Words, words, words

I’m Abe de Vries and I am a freelance copywriter and trainer, editor and photographer. I have been working as a professional author, publicist, reporter and trainer since 2000. I’ve written millions of words for people in the mass media, marketing, and other business areas, and I have published many literary works, research based articles, and other works. I have also trained and coached hundreds of people to be better writers. For more information, call Abe de Vries,feartfisk.

Copywriting, Copy editing, Business writing, Creative writing

Copywriting training, Creative writer’s Training and Coaching

My copywriting, business writing, proofreading and editing courses are available in person or online, individually or in small groups. My courses focus on tips, techniques and inspiration for marketing communications, high quality blogs and landing pages, as well as for non-commercial messages, like charitable, political, informational, or public service texts. I give poetry lessons, guidance and coaching too, and I’m happy to look at your prose.

Event photograhy, Creative photograhy and Photographic essays